Why should I have a wine dispenser
in my hotel?

Perfect Serve:

Keep your wines fresh and ensure they are always served at an ideal temperature

Visibility Sells:

Showcase your offer of great labels

Unlimited Availability:

24/7 wine availability with our self-serve card system integrated with guest’s hotel key card

No More Waste:

Prevent over-pouring and oxidation while limiting risk of waste and spoilage

Increase Sales:

by offering more choice and better wines by the glass

By the Glass® Hotel Solutions


Full Wine Bar

Easy and fun way for customers to explore new wines

Create impressive line-up of fine wines

High revenue on limited space

Availability of tasters and half glasses of expensive wines which are usually not available by the glass


24/7 Bar
Self Service

Unlimited access to a great selection of fine wines accessible 24/7 possibly using a room key card

Innovative cashless solution – payment directly charged to the room bill

No waiting time, easy and untroubled access to all wines

Smart tools enhancing the guest experience and providing valuable customer insights to the hotel’s management


Business Lounge

Appealing presentation of red and white wines next to each other at a convenient eye level

Better temperature control – serve your reds and whites at the right temperature!

No mess from overpours nor melted ice

Portion control with standardized volumes per glass


Behind the Bar

Central presentation of fine wines – showcase your offer of great labels

Gain control over your open wine sales and reduce wastage thanks to a perfect preservation

Increase sales revenue by offering more choice of fine wines by the glass