Wine by the Card


By the Glass® Wine by the Card

The possibility to discover and enjoy a variety of wines in self-service with the help of so-called smart cards has been acknowledged as one of the hottest trends for promoting and selling quality wines. Wine bars and shops allowing guests to enjoy up to 100 or more wines by the glass have opened their doors all over the world over the past few years.

The basic idea is easy to understand: guests get a pre-charged card from the bar or shop enabling them to pour wines from the dispensers paying for it by inserting the card in the card slot at the dispenser. Next to a full glass, guests can choose a half glass or just a taster. Cards are usually prepaid but read-out at checkout is an option as well.

The self-service approach is perceived by the guests as an uncomplicated and playful way to discover new wines. This wine adventure almost always goes in one direction only - to the top: customers who can concentrate on their own taste simply discover that better wines also taste better. Expect wine sales to be 25% to 40% higher than in a normal wine bar, while customer satisfaction reaches new heights.

Wine by the Card

Key elements

RFID Smart Cards with a full-color print of your choice.

An external USB Reader/Writer to credit or read out cards at the cash register.

A card controller with full-color touch display (for Standard and Double Sided–navigation via LCD displays for Stage dispensers).

Back-Office Software By the Glass® Wine Monitor “Desktop Edition” (free for offline-application).

Optional: Secure Internet Cloud application and back-office software By the Glass® Wine Monitor Online for online application.

Optional: a local server for online application as terminals.

The full-color touch display offers simple, intuitive touch navigation for system settings and billing information. The optional LCD displays above each wine allow for the dynamic display of wine names, pour sizes and prices. For the By the Glass® Stage dispensers the settings menu can be operated via the LCD displays. The separate card reader/writer with USB port can be connected to any Windows PC (Win7 or higher) or Windows-based cash register.


Software and connectivity packages for By the Glass® Wine by the Card

The basic version of our back-office software for offline use is called By the Glass® Wine Monitor “Desktop Edition” and is free of charge. It allows you to manage all settings, system and sales data via a PC that is temporarily or permanently connected to the dispensers. You can track, download and analyse all sales data (credits put on cards, wines poured).

The RFID cards used are pre-coded. The online variant makes use of a cloud application called By the Glass® Wine Monitor Online. This application enables the management of system settings such as prices, delivery quantities and wine names as well as user information. By the Glass® Wine Monitor Online can be accessed via the browser of any Internet-enabled device in real-time from anywhere in the world. For this purpose, the dispensing system must be equipped with a network adapter and permanently connected to the Internet. A yearly fee applies for hosting and the use of the application.

The cards for the online variant are authorized online which makes it possible to use existing cards such as for example existing loyalty cards or room key cards in a hotel. Cards, credits and limits can therefore also be remotely managed and blocked at any time. The user and sales information is available at any time and in real-time in a secure internet cloud database for integration with existing systems for billing, customer management or online marketing.

Once you decided for Wine by the Card the main choices to make are a bigger central touch display versus LCD displays per bottle position (or both) and local offline storage of transaction data versus online storage in the cloud. In both cases the information will help you to operate your wine dispensers and will provide you with great insights into the behaviour and preferences of your guests.