Our Story

Our story

What is By the Glass?

By The Glass International is a global leader in professional wine serving equipment. Since 2007 our dispensers and interactive solutions have revolutionised the way wines are presented in the hospitality sector and up market retail trade.

The company emerged from a cooperation between two Dutch wine merchants and one of the largest breweries in the Netherlands supplying thousands of restaurants with beer but also with wine. Used to controlling the quality and presentation of their branded consumer products, like a chef in the kitchen, the brewers, simply wouldn‘t accept to take an avoidable risk how their wines arrived at the table, and hence asked the wine merchants for a technical solution.

Unable to find a supplier matching the given requirements for reliability, user friendliness and ease to repair, the partners decided to develop their own wine dispenser, resulting in the By the Glass® Standard with its patented adjustable 2 temperature zone technology in 2007.

10 years later the By the Glass® technology stands behind the most successful wine bars and some of the finest and most innovative addresses in retail and hospitality offering a unique experience and a great choice of high class wines by the glass.

Join us if you share our vision to offer nothing less but the best entertainment for your wines and guests clients.