Wine bars

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Why should I put a wine dispenser
in my wine bar?

Perfect Serve:

Keep your wines fresh and ensure they are always served at an ideal temperature

Visibility Sells:

Showcase your offer of great labels

Maximise Profits:

Increase your sales by offering more choice and better wines by the glass

A unique Experience

Incite your guests to discover the wines by themselves and at their ease.


Adapt to the new generation of consumers (#millennials) that are set to visual impressions and love gaining new experiences. By the Glass® is pioneering new forms of consumer interaction with our Wine by the Card solutions

New Innovative
Wine Bar Concept

The concept is based on the self exploring of 50 to 150 open wines by the guests in a casual setting. To be able to start the “wine discovery trip”, guests buy and charge a card. When inserted in one of the wine dispensers in the bar, the card enables the guest to dispense a taster, half glass or full glass of wine by themselves. Of course, there is staff around to provide advice and information and to serve food and other drinks