By the Glass® Modular

Ultra compact and extendible, modular wine serving system

By the Glass® Modular

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By the Glass® Modular is an intelligent, space-saving wine serving system for two bottles which can be easily expanded by connecting additional modular units. Given the compactness and the limited weight of 22kg it virtually fits every niche or shelf and can even be employed for changing locations or mobile solutions. Its modern Dutch design and dimmable spotlights perfectly put the focus on the quality wines inside. Moreover, its wooden side panels can be branded for a perfect presentation of wine brands at a trade fair or in-store tasting. By the Glass® Modular combines the latest breed of the By the Glass® thermo electric wine cooling and preservation technology including portion control. The By the Glass® Modular comes with the removable dispense head technology for easy cleaning and an even faster bottle change.

By the Glass® Modular


By the Glass® Modular 'POS'

“Taste before you buy” is an important argument for consumers when selecting a wine. By the Glass® Modular “POS” offers a perfect solution to facilitate tastings at Point-of-Sale. The POS solution has a sturdy, intuitive control panel with a large, clearly highlighted button enabling consumers to pour a taster. All other keys are locked in POS mode, so operator errors are excluded. In addition, pouring can be easily disabled by the staff, e.g. for times of reduced supervision. Programmable dispensing allows you to pour up to 50 samples (15ml) from a single bottle in guaranteed convincing quality from the first to the last sip.

Exchangeable Wooden Side Panels

To match ambiance case your By the Glass® Modular wine serving system with
wooden side panels, available in various colours.


By the Glass® wine dispensers are generally appreciated by wine marketeers for assuring a perfect serve which is a prerequisite for any marketing activity. The introduction of Branding options for our By the Glass® Modular wine serving cabinets has further increased the popularity of this model among wine marketeers. The Branding options help to drive two important marketing parameters: brand visibility and brand awareness. The wooden side panels offer the main branding opportunity. The exchangeable side panels can be printed with a brand name, logo and other supporting graphic elements. A branding on the side can be supported by stickers on the frontside. Because the branding can be exchanged rather easily, one By the Glass® Modular unit can be used for different brands over time.

By the Glass® Modular

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